First week of school was full of surprises!

Well, we made it alive past the first week of school. I’d have to say it’s been pretty nice to be back on this school schedule because my days normally go by a lot smoother when I have a schedule to follow. Kalilah loves her class and always has great stories to tell me when she comes home from school.  Making breakfasts ahead of time & freezing them has helped mornings become easier. I simply just made extra pancakes & waffles while I was making Sunday breakfast, let them cool, then put them in a zip lock bag and froze them. In the mornings I just toss them in the toaster and make eggs/bacon/sausage to pair with it. Thank you Pintrest!


 Not only has the mornings been a breeze but so has the rest of the days. I don’t know about the other mommies out there, but my girls bickered almost EVERY single day, multiple times a day, and about almost anything you can think of. It could be about what show they are watching, who is playing with what, what they decide to eat for lunch. Literally ANYTHING & I for sure was over it. Well with school back in action, I swear to you, I feel like I have 2 different daughters. The moment we wake up my youngest Jelly always asked Lila if she’s headed to school and of course every morning it’s the same answer of “yes.” Jelly then says that she’ll miss her and give her sister a huge hug. Not so sure if she’s just playing the role so she can have mommy all by herself or really going to miss her sister. But who knows.. it could be a good mixture of both! When it’s time to pick her up at the bus stop, Jelly runs so fast to her sister yelling “Lila!” and gives her another big hug. When we’re all up stairs they play/watch/eat nicely! I guess like my previous post says “sometimes we all need a little space!” I think that’s what it was titled. LOL


You see Jelly’s poor face down there!? She got bit by a mosquito twice.. once right about her eyebrow and one to the side of her eye. Thing is, she isn’t even the only child in our apartment complex that got bitten and had their eye swollen too! Something about korean mosquitoes! Well, even with her eyelid swollen & completely shut, my poor baby is still such a silly girl. Benedryl seemed to help alot with the swelling though 🙂 Hopefully it’ll go away soon.


Last night(Thursday), my husband came home out of no where. He wasn’t supposed to be until tonight. I was surprised but also super happy. I was just complaining that I wanted him home already. The thing is, you would think that I should know by now that my husband would pull some shit like this after 8 years of being together because he ALWAYS does. He’ll come home from AIT for a weekend, training, or R&R without telling me. He always lies about when he comes home, but I guess that’s never a bad thing. I love surprises.

Speaking of surprises, my husband pulled yet ANOTHER quick one on me. He comes home telling me to check my email. Naturally, I check it & find an email from Carnival Cruise Lines regarding our itinerary for our 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico! I bout shit my pants! Haha just playing. But I’m sure you can picture my reaction. If you can’t, well let me describe it to you… I was jumping up and down and screaming like a little kid who just found a bag full of candy! Funny thing about this is.. I was literally browsing through cruises the night prior out of boredom. I even pinned some cruise tips on Pintrest & was talking to a friend about how bad I wanted to go again. We had went to a 7 day cruise to Canada in 2009 & loved every single moment of it, except me gaining 10 pounds. But thats not the point. We’re going on a cruise when we get back to San Diego! WOOHOO!


Goodbye San Diego, Hello Korea

As you guys know by now, I’ve been so busy with our move to Korea. Well, I finally made it here.. well 3 days ago. I was home for 2 weeks before the move.. and yes I know i haven’t blogged really while I home. I was too busy visiting friends & family and enjoying the beach before I can’t see them for 2 years.. Can you really blame me? lol

The flight to Korea was 12 hours long. Crazy right!? Just imagine being in my shoes, I had my 9 month old & 5 year old. No really though, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Jelly didn’t cry at all & Kalilah was a big help with her little sister.. when she wasn’t busy playing Street Fighter or Pacman. Yes, I said Street Fighter.. lol.



We flew with Asiana airlines. Let me tell you, they sure do know how to treat you right on them airplanes. One, they give you sandals for a more comfy flight.Image

Two, they had tv’s at EVERY seat. Had games, movies and music! I swear, most high tech plane I’ve ever been on. And I’ve flown over 20 times around the world. I watched 4 movies on the flight. I was thinking of renting some on my nook too! Thankfully I didn’t & saved my self some money. Not only did they have plenty of movies on there, but they had my favorite game of all time TETRIS.


Third, they fed us every 4 hours! Not going to lie, food was pretty good. I packed a ton of food too & didn’t even once touch the food I brought. And when I say a ton, I mean fruit cups, oranges, apples, chips, granola bars, cookies, capri suns & pb&j sandwhiches. Then again, I’ve always been that person with food on them all the time. 


We hardly got some sleep on the airplane but luckily it helped us adjust to Korean time faster. We actually landed an hour and a half early which sounds great right? Wrong! Camp Casey is about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away from the airport and when I called my husband he haven’t even left yet. So pretty much I was hanging out at the airport until my husband showed up.

But once daddy showed up, it was worth the 12 hour flight & 2 hours wait at the airport. My family was finally complete again! You can see the joy in our daughter’s faces when daddy met up with us. Nothing feels better then seeing my girls happy.

The next three years is going to be great ❤




My Phamily is my world

This last week both my girls have been sick. And of course, as a mother it hurts seeing that they are in pain and there is absolutely nothing that you can do but give them hugs and kisses. Since they’ve been sick, I’ve let them both sleep with me in bed. Which by the way has not been comfortable at all. I got the baby kicking my ribs and my older one kicking my back. Other than the sleepless night, I wouldn’t want to spend these night any other way. Waking up to my babies are definitely the best way to wake up. I love seeing Jelly ( the baby) wanting to play with Kalilah the moment she sees her. She tried so hard to wake her up lol. I’m going to enjoy this now cause who knows when them two will start screaming bloody murder and pulling each others’ hair.

Today we got to Skype with daddy. Internet connection usually sucks butthole and we can’t Skype. Connection only last roughly 30 minutes before it went to poop again. Lila and Jelly were so excited to talk/see with their daddy. I hardly even got to say a word with Lila doing most of the talking. Jelly was non stop smiling and kept saying “da da” I can’t wait to have my phamily together again.Couple more weeks ❤


Cheers To New Beginnings

It’s been awhile since I have had a blog. I’m not really sure what to say as of right now not because I’m speechless per say, but because I’ve consumed a whole bottle of Moscato to myself :p I’ve decided to start a blog because of my new adventures that will be coming in the new year. The countdown has began! 14 days until I clear housing and get the heck out of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Never would I have imagined that I’d actually like it here. I’ve made many GREAT friends within the last 2 1/2 year. It’s been an experience that I’ll definitely remember. Kalilah and Evangeline are growing up so fast and it’s just heartbreaking to know that my husband isn’t here as of right now. But it will be alright because on January 31st we’ll be following daddy to Korea! 3 whole years of him being home. That’s 3 birthdays, 3 Christmas’ & 3 anniversaries that we’ll be able to spend with each other. I know that sounds a little pathetic, but being a part of the “military family” that’s something we all wish for. I’m excited to share these experiences with you all & I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Cheers to new beginnings!