1 year 6 months later.

Well, I’ll go ahead and admit.. I clearly suck at keeping a blog. My whole idea of trying to keep memories of our pcs move to Korea was a total bust. But I’m going to try to shortly brief you on the important stuff of what has happened in the last 1 1/2 years.

After being here for only a month.. the couple in my last blog  were totally NOT friend worthy. Apparently I called them child molesters and that her husband wanted me! CRAZY RIGHT!? Why would I have them watch my children if I thought that.  Evangeline got a seizure, stopped breathing, turned blue & was rushed to the hospital. One of the SCARIEST days of my life. Thank God my husband was home to perform CPR. That later than inspired me to go ahead and become CPR certified. Hmm, graduated with my Associates Degree in Medical Information Tech 🙂 Went indoor snowboard on my wedding anniversary with my hubby!  Kalilah started & finished kindergarten and now is in first grade (started on monday.) She actually is in a 2nd grade reading level (that was on the last day of kinder)  Went to the Philippines for Christmas & News Year and met up with my parents who had also visited. Celebrated Kalilah’s 6th birthday in the Philippines. Filipino style. Started a small buisness at home out of PURE LUCK!

Jelly had a HUGE birthday party here.. actually at the Paintball field. Why the paint ball field you ask… Because my husband and I actually picked up the sport & we won our first 3 man paintball competition!! Lost a friendship that I thought would last forever … I cried over her multiple times so that should just proves that she was and still is important to me. We still talk but it’s literally every couple weeks. I started crossfit in January 2014 & still going strong. I’ve met a ton of wonderful ladies from crossfit and love each and everyone of them.  Actually competed in an all girls Girl Fight Crossfit Competition. Went to nice indoor water parks here in which they make you wear swim caps and life vest the whole time. It still didnt’ stop us from coming back. Finished a round of insanity. Recently hubby bought us a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico as a surprise for when we go home… in 104 days!? Yeah.. that’s how far behind I am. GOSH.


Sorry this is such a crappy review of my year… there are great little memories that I wish I had informed you all with. Well, what I can tell you now… my parents will be here on Sept 13. That A little over two weeks from now & I can’t wait. We have 104 more days left until we leave Korea & will be home for couple weeks before we move to Fort Bliss, Texas.  Here’s some photos to help visualize this 🙂 I will try my best to update some more..






PicMonkey Collage

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Korea & It’s delicious food!

I don’t know about you guys but when I don’t feel like cooking dinner I pretty much know I don’t want to cook dinner right when I wake up. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook but there are days where I’m just SUPER lazy. Anyways, yesterday we decided to eat out somewhere. We really weren’t so sure where to go so we just walked around New City. After walking around for about 15 minutes and looking at several restaurant pictures (Korean’s have picture menus outside thee restaurant) we ended up at a Korean BBQ place. We walked in to find that we were the only ones in there. But once we sat down, it slowly started to get pack.. with other fellow American’s. Once we saw how many other American’s were there we realized we actually picked a pretty popular place. 



After we got done eating, my husband & I were still hungry! (We are some small people but can tear it up!) So we decided to go down the street for some dessert at this one place called Cafe 7 Gram to get some waffles & coffee. LOL.. we’re so fat. Anyways, I swear to you.. they had the BEST waffles & Caramel Macchiatos I’ve ever had in my life!! You best believe, I’ll be going back to both places sometime soon! Can’t wait to see what Korea has to offer!!


Goodbye San Diego, Hello Korea

As you guys know by now, I’ve been so busy with our move to Korea. Well, I finally made it here.. well 3 days ago. I was home for 2 weeks before the move.. and yes I know i haven’t blogged really while I home. I was too busy visiting friends & family and enjoying the beach before I can’t see them for 2 years.. Can you really blame me? lol

The flight to Korea was 12 hours long. Crazy right!? Just imagine being in my shoes, I had my 9 month old & 5 year old. No really though, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Jelly didn’t cry at all & Kalilah was a big help with her little sister.. when she wasn’t busy playing Street Fighter or Pacman. Yes, I said Street Fighter.. lol.



We flew with Asiana airlines. Let me tell you, they sure do know how to treat you right on them airplanes. One, they give you sandals for a more comfy flight.Image

Two, they had tv’s at EVERY seat. Had games, movies and music! I swear, most high tech plane I’ve ever been on. And I’ve flown over 20 times around the world. I watched 4 movies on the flight. I was thinking of renting some on my nook too! Thankfully I didn’t & saved my self some money. Not only did they have plenty of movies on there, but they had my favorite game of all time TETRIS.


Third, they fed us every 4 hours! Not going to lie, food was pretty good. I packed a ton of food too & didn’t even once touch the food I brought. And when I say a ton, I mean fruit cups, oranges, apples, chips, granola bars, cookies, capri suns & pb&j sandwhiches. Then again, I’ve always been that person with food on them all the time. 


We hardly got some sleep on the airplane but luckily it helped us adjust to Korean time faster. We actually landed an hour and a half early which sounds great right? Wrong! Camp Casey is about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away from the airport and when I called my husband he haven’t even left yet. So pretty much I was hanging out at the airport until my husband showed up.

But once daddy showed up, it was worth the 12 hour flight & 2 hours wait at the airport. My family was finally complete again! You can see the joy in our daughter’s faces when daddy met up with us. Nothing feels better then seeing my girls happy.

The next three years is going to be great ❤




Been so busy!

HELLO! I want to apologize for not blogging for a couple weeks. My life has been SO busy since my mother left Kentucky. After she left I had 10 days to get all our stuff packed, house cleaned and out the house. ALONE without the husband and two kids.

January 9-11th military movers came and packed EVERYTHING. You should of seen me taking BILLION of pictures like a crazy lady. I’ve heard horror stories of these contractors stealing clothes, shoes, movies AND even PANTIES!? Like really? That’s pretty gross. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. They probably thought I was one of those crazy military wives. My good friend Amy was getting packed that day and one of her workers stole her I-phone charger! People these days.. I swear.


Well, after the movers left I had 2 days to clean the house. Psh.. I only took like 6 hours. I’m a clean ass women & I just moved into that house not even 3 months ago. So there really wasn’t any deep cleaning to do. THANK GOD 🙂

Once the cleaning was all done,  I said my farewells and hugs to everyone I could. Never did I imagine that I’d cry saying good bye to these wives. I’ve made many great friendships while I was in Kentucky. I hated Kentucky when I first moved there but it slowly grew on to me. These wives are the what made Kentucky! I’ll definitly miss every single one of these ladies and the kiddos.




Waverly Hills

Amy, Me, Kaitlynn, Jessie & Erin.My main group that I hung out with<3. What can I say about these guys lol. Let’s just say.. they were the heart of Kentucky!


6-4 Cav Military Ball 2012

Pamela, Gabrielle, Julia, Jaime & I

These ladies right! I love them so much. We all went through deployment together & shared our lives with each other. We kept each other going when we all went through hardships during the deployment.


Top: Angelica, Sarah, Me, Bottom: Anna & Alma

I met these ladies at a marriage retreat at Great Wolf Lodge that the military provided. I instantly feel in loves with these wives.


Louisville, Color Run 2012

TOP: Me, Lisa, Tee, Bottom: Sanae, Dixie, & Amy

These ladies right here were my Fitness friends. We all love fitness with a passion. Loved all the Zumba parties and workout!


I miss all of you!






It’s been 5 years already?

5 years ago, I gave birth the my first born Kalilah Maria. I will never forget how much pain and stress I was going through being in labor with here for 30 hours! Not only was I scared of my future but so was my husband (boyfriend at the time.) I’m not going to lie, I was scared shit less. I had just turned 20 & my boyfriend was 18…rape I know ;p. “Will he stick around? Will we be happy? What’s our future from here? How am I going to provide for her? Will i be a great mom?” Those were the thoughts that were going through my mind..

Once I laid my eyes  on her, i knew what I had to do as a mother. All i wanted and still want to do for her is just to give her a better life than what I grew up with. And so far, I’d say we’re doing a pretty damn good job at it. Who ever knew that getting pregnant was actually a good thing? Kalilah was our strength.. we grew up fast. It was hard.. but it’s definitely worth it. She’s inspired me to do better with my life..& I’m so grateful for that.

Kalilah is such a smart little girl. She still looks like she’s 3 though lol. nothing grew on her but her hair.. I can still remember when she was crawling around the house all toothless and everything. I really miss when she was a baby.. but I also love this age. She just loves dancing and singing everywhere.

We really didn’t do anything big for her birthday but birthday/go-away lunch with some of our friends here in Kentucky. Tee, my friend, brought a cake for her.. which by the way… was delicious. We hung out with one her best friends her Jaden & Avery and had some left of cake with them. After that, we just went home and chilled out.. I plan on just celebrating her birthday with my family at home.. nothing better than spending important days with family and not blowing money. That’s all that really count.

Happy Birthday My Love. I can’t believe you are 5 already. Mommy, Daddy & sissy love you so much!Image


Mother Dear..

Tonight is my mom’s last day visiting us here in Kentucky. Bittersweet feeling. She came to visit for the holiday.. was here for a total of 16 day.

Growing up, my mom and I always bumped heads. I couldn’t stand her at all.. but then again.. who really got along with their parents in high school. But once I moved out the house, got married, and had children I slowly understood why she was so determined for me to do things a certain way and was so strict. I definitely appreciate everything everything she has done for me and taught me all the life lessons that would help me survive the real world.

I’m glad my mom came down to visit the girls. The two weeks of her being here has gotten both the girls really close with her. My mom is determined to make sure that my youngest daughter will know who she before we move to Korea. Which I think she did a great job at getting to know her.

The whole time my mom was here I hardly washed dishes or even cleaned the house. My mom is that typical Asian mom that cleans all day everyday. So I’m sure you can imagine my house was SPOTLESS! THANK GOD! lol Not only that, but mom’s cooking is always the best cooking. That’s one thing I’ll definitely miss when I’m in Korea. Even though she did get on my nerves here and there.. She’ll always be my mommy and I’ll always love her.

My mom leaving means 10 days more til we’re back home in San Diego baby! I’ll be spending another 2 weeks visiting other family and friends because who knows when we’ll be back in the United States. 3 years in Korea is quite a long time.. and with two kids.. pshhh that’ll be expensive as shit.

Time to spend more time with the mom before she leaves! Don’t forget to tell you mom you love and appreciate her!


My Phamily is my world

This last week both my girls have been sick. And of course, as a mother it hurts seeing that they are in pain and there is absolutely nothing that you can do but give them hugs and kisses. Since they’ve been sick, I’ve let them both sleep with me in bed. Which by the way has not been comfortable at all. I got the baby kicking my ribs and my older one kicking my back. Other than the sleepless night, I wouldn’t want to spend these night any other way. Waking up to my babies are definitely the best way to wake up. I love seeing Jelly ( the baby) wanting to play with Kalilah the moment she sees her. She tried so hard to wake her up lol. I’m going to enjoy this now cause who knows when them two will start screaming bloody murder and pulling each others’ hair.

Today we got to Skype with daddy. Internet connection usually sucks butthole and we can’t Skype. Connection only last roughly 30 minutes before it went to poop again. Lila and Jelly were so excited to talk/see with their daddy. I hardly even got to say a word with Lila doing most of the talking. Jelly was non stop smiling and kept saying “da da” I can’t wait to have my phamily together again.Couple more weeks ❤