First week of school was full of surprises!

Well, we made it alive past the first week of school. I’d have to say it’s been pretty nice to be back on this school schedule because my days normally go by a lot smoother when I have a schedule to follow. Kalilah loves her class and always has great stories to tell me when she comes home from school.  Making breakfasts ahead of time & freezing them has helped mornings become easier. I simply just made extra pancakes & waffles while I was making Sunday breakfast, let them cool, then put them in a zip lock bag and froze them. In the mornings I just toss them in the toaster and make eggs/bacon/sausage to pair with it. Thank you Pintrest!


 Not only has the mornings been a breeze but so has the rest of the days. I don’t know about the other mommies out there, but my girls bickered almost EVERY single day, multiple times a day, and about almost anything you can think of. It could be about what show they are watching, who is playing with what, what they decide to eat for lunch. Literally ANYTHING & I for sure was over it. Well with school back in action, I swear to you, I feel like I have 2 different daughters. The moment we wake up my youngest Jelly always asked Lila if she’s headed to school and of course every morning it’s the same answer of “yes.” Jelly then says that she’ll miss her and give her sister a huge hug. Not so sure if she’s just playing the role so she can have mommy all by herself or really going to miss her sister. But who knows.. it could be a good mixture of both! When it’s time to pick her up at the bus stop, Jelly runs so fast to her sister yelling “Lila!” and gives her another big hug. When we’re all up stairs they play/watch/eat nicely! I guess like my previous post says “sometimes we all need a little space!” I think that’s what it was titled. LOL


You see Jelly’s poor face down there!? She got bit by a mosquito twice.. once right about her eyebrow and one to the side of her eye. Thing is, she isn’t even the only child in our apartment complex that got bitten and had their eye swollen too! Something about korean mosquitoes! Well, even with her eyelid swollen & completely shut, my poor baby is still such a silly girl. Benedryl seemed to help alot with the swelling though 🙂 Hopefully it’ll go away soon.


Last night(Thursday), my husband came home out of no where. He wasn’t supposed to be until tonight. I was surprised but also super happy. I was just complaining that I wanted him home already. The thing is, you would think that I should know by now that my husband would pull some shit like this after 8 years of being together because he ALWAYS does. He’ll come home from AIT for a weekend, training, or R&R without telling me. He always lies about when he comes home, but I guess that’s never a bad thing. I love surprises.

Speaking of surprises, my husband pulled yet ANOTHER quick one on me. He comes home telling me to check my email. Naturally, I check it & find an email from Carnival Cruise Lines regarding our itinerary for our 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico! I bout shit my pants! Haha just playing. But I’m sure you can picture my reaction. If you can’t, well let me describe it to you… I was jumping up and down and screaming like a little kid who just found a bag full of candy! Funny thing about this is.. I was literally browsing through cruises the night prior out of boredom. I even pinned some cruise tips on Pintrest & was talking to a friend about how bad I wanted to go again. We had went to a 7 day cruise to Canada in 2009 & loved every single moment of it, except me gaining 10 pounds. But thats not the point. We’re going on a cruise when we get back to San Diego! WOOHOO!


Sometimes you need a little space…

Thankfully since we have been in Korea, my husband hasn’t had to go to the field until recently (two 1/2  weeks ago) and won’t be home for another  2 days. I know I’m probably going to get some heat from what I’m about to say but.. as much as I love him..I was actually pretty excited when my husband told me he was going to be at the field for a couple weeks. It’s not what you guys think though. I was excited to do less laundry (cause we all know just their uniforms alone is a load 1/2 it’s self), not having to cook full on meal everyday (my husband eats like 5 times a day) and my kids will eat whatever I feed them. Also, it’s easier for me to diet when my husband gone. My husband has such a fast metabolism that I have to cook him high calorie meals (potatoes, rice, meat) & it’s hard not to resist all that yummy food. His metabolism is so fast that he drinks an extra 1,000 calorie drinks just to maintain his weight. SO NOT FAIR. Lastly, having the car to myself! We decided not to buy a second car here and days when he has the car and I need to go to post I usually take the train.  It’s really not that bad though but the convenience of having the car is a plus.

But after these two weeks of him gone, I’d have to say.. I’m ready for him to be home. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I miss cooking for him and doing his laundry!


Finally a night without the kids!

When we first moved here in Korea, my first initial thought was “dang, we don’t know anyone here or even trust anybody enough to watch our kids if we want to go out.” I’m pretty sure there are many of mommies out there that can relate with our situation. One, I don’t trust just random people to watch my kids. Two, even if I trust you, I have to make sure my kids and I are comfortable enough to even be left with you.

Well, my husband met this one couple outside of the finance office because they both were cursing out the same private who completely screwed up both our pay. That right there pretty much started the friendship. Throughout the last few weeks, we seemed to always run into them EVERYWHERE and every time we did we usually would chat for couple minutes.

One of the days when we ran into them they had brought both their children who were both in high school. They had mentioned that if we ever needed a babysitter their kids charge fairly cheap and are really good with kids. Of course I was excited to find out we had a possible babysitter but after that the “mommy doubts” started to kick in and made me second guess them.

We eventually all went out to dinner and hung out at their place. Pretty much a trail run to see how the kids would interact together. Surprisingly, they did awesome. Both Kalilah and Evangeline loved Samantha and Tyler!! After that night, it was a no brainer. So good we made plans for the following evening!

We meet up with them at their house at 9 o’clock and got the kids settled in before we left . Even after the trial run, I was a little nervous but that’s normal. We walked about half a mile to this one restaurant that sold moccoli (i think that is how you spell it) and this Korean pancake. SO Delicious! It’s interesting how they serve it. They don’t have shot glasses for this drink, you drink out a bowl! You’re not allowed to poor your self you own drink, you must hold your bowl with two hands. Apparently its a sign of respect. Which it’s quite a shocker considering they can be super rude.. majority of the time. Not intentionally, but because it’s their culture.





After a couple bowls of mocolli, we invited some random Korean named Jun to join us. We gave him the nickname Red Jun because he had red hair lol. The language barrier was there but we tried our best conversating with him through a translator app. Which by the way sucks! But it was worth the effort. Not so sure if this guy was just touchy feely (nothing sexual just grabbing my arm) with me cause he liked me or if it’s part of their culture as well. My husband didn’t even notice but once he did he just told red Jun we were just friends just to mess with Red Jun so he can think he had a chance with me =_= Luckily, he only stayed for 10 minutes and had to leave cause that game wasn’t cool anymore.


After the restaurant, we ending up going up stairs to karaoke bar. Which was a blast til we almost got in some trouble. Let’s just say we didn’t realize we went to a gay karaoke bar until these dudes tried being all touchy feely with our husbands and got aggressive towards Misty. We had to get our husbands out of there quick because something was gonna go down! They ended up paying for our bill because of the trouble they caused.



Once we left the bar our night was over. We didn’t realize it was 330 in the AM. We walked back to Misty and Robert’s apartment to find our kids all passed out.their kids did an amazing job with our little girls! I definitely had a great time with Misty, Robert and my husband. We’ll be doing this every couple of weeks. Especially since we know our kids are in good hands. Felt good for once to be “kid free! ” Thank you Misty, Rob, Tyler and Sam!

Family in Korea!

It’s always nice to have family around. Especially here in Korea! My cousin Denisa is an English teacher in Guri & she has been here for about a year now. Well anyways, she decided to come visit today! Feels great having family here & knowing that she is only an hour train ride away so we’ll defiantly be able to meet up at least every couple weeks.  She was able to meet my youngest daughter & husband for the first time. Last time I seen her was about 1 1/2 years ago when I drove up to Detroit from Kentucky.

I was able to bring her on Camp Casey and had her shop in the commissary since she really doesn’t have access to “american” food. Well I guess she does, but it’s just so pricey out here in Korea. I cooked her an All American Dinner which contained collard greens, mac-n-cheese & some pork chops.It sure does feel nice to have family around though. We just sat at the table mostly, drank some wine & caught up. I can get used to doing this at least once a month.

Denisa ended up spending the night last night, well more like I made her. She wasn’t prepared for that so we had to make a quick trip to the store downstairs and grab a toothbrush for her. This morning I made a big breakfast for us. Pancakes with peanut butter chips, sausage and cheesy eggs. It was yummy! After breakfast, we just hung around the house listening to my husbands mid-day radio show, watched some TV & even got to Skype with my dad (her uncle) for couple hours. Nothing special, just some quality family time. We grabbed some dinner before we dropped her off. Actually, we ate at two different place. We’re fat and love food way too much.

Now that we dropped her off, my little Phamily and I are just hanging out in the living room. We’ve been camping out in the living room for about a week now. Got the beds out on the floor and everything. We don’t really have our furniture yet. We’re borrowing the cheap furniture that the Army is providing us for the time being. Well..right now the girls are attacking daddy & it looks like I need to save him… so I’ll get at you guys sometime next week. I PROMISE I’ll update more!