Sometimes you need a little space…

Thankfully since we have been in Korea, my husband hasn’t had to go to the field until recently (two 1/2  weeks ago) and won’t be home for another  2 days. I know I’m probably going to get some heat from what I’m about to say but.. as much as I love him..I was actually pretty excited when my husband told me he was going to be at the field for a couple weeks. It’s not what you guys think though. I was excited to do less laundry (cause we all know just their uniforms alone is a load 1/2 it’s self), not having to cook full on meal everyday (my husband eats like 5 times a day) and my kids will eat whatever I feed them. Also, it’s easier for me to diet when my husband gone. My husband has such a fast metabolism that I have to cook him high calorie meals (potatoes, rice, meat) & it’s hard not to resist all that yummy food. His metabolism is so fast that he drinks an extra 1,000 calorie drinks just to maintain his weight. SO NOT FAIR. Lastly, having the car to myself! We decided not to buy a second car here and days when he has the car and I need to go to post I usually take the train.  It’s really not that bad though but the convenience of having the car is a plus.

But after these two weeks of him gone, I’d have to say.. I’m ready for him to be home. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I miss cooking for him and doing his laundry!



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