Been so busy!

HELLO! I want to apologize for not blogging for a couple weeks. My life has been SO busy since my mother left Kentucky. After she left I had 10 days to get all our stuff packed, house cleaned and out the house. ALONE without the husband and two kids.

January 9-11th military movers came and packed EVERYTHING. You should of seen me taking BILLION of pictures like a crazy lady. I’ve heard horror stories of these contractors stealing clothes, shoes, movies AND even PANTIES!? Like really? That’s pretty gross. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. They probably thought I was one of those crazy military wives. My good friend Amy was getting packed that day and one of her workers stole her I-phone charger! People these days.. I swear.


Well, after the movers left I had 2 days to clean the house. Psh.. I only took like 6 hours. I’m a clean ass women & I just moved into that house not even 3 months ago. So there really wasn’t any deep cleaning to do. THANK GOD 🙂

Once the cleaning was all done,  I said my farewells and hugs to everyone I could. Never did I imagine that I’d cry saying good bye to these wives. I’ve made many great friendships while I was in Kentucky. I hated Kentucky when I first moved there but it slowly grew on to me. These wives are the what made Kentucky! I’ll definitly miss every single one of these ladies and the kiddos.




Waverly Hills

Amy, Me, Kaitlynn, Jessie & Erin.My main group that I hung out with<3. What can I say about these guys lol. Let’s just say.. they were the heart of Kentucky!


6-4 Cav Military Ball 2012

Pamela, Gabrielle, Julia, Jaime & I

These ladies right! I love them so much. We all went through deployment together & shared our lives with each other. We kept each other going when we all went through hardships during the deployment.


Top: Angelica, Sarah, Me, Bottom: Anna & Alma

I met these ladies at a marriage retreat at Great Wolf Lodge that the military provided. I instantly feel in loves with these wives.


Louisville, Color Run 2012

TOP: Me, Lisa, Tee, Bottom: Sanae, Dixie, & Amy

These ladies right here were my Fitness friends. We all love fitness with a passion. Loved all the Zumba parties and workout!


I miss all of you!







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