It’s been 5 years already?

5 years ago, I gave birth the my first born Kalilah Maria. I will never forget how much pain and stress I was going through being in labor with here for 30 hours! Not only was I scared of my future but so was my husband (boyfriend at the time.) I’m not going to lie, I was scared shit less. I had just turned 20 & my boyfriend was 18…rape I know ;p. “Will he stick around? Will we be happy? What’s our future from here? How am I going to provide for her? Will i be a great mom?” Those were the thoughts that were going through my mind..

Once I laid my eyes  on her, i knew what I had to do as a mother. All i wanted and still want to do for her is just to give her a better life than what I grew up with. And so far, I’d say we’re doing a pretty damn good job at it. Who ever knew that getting pregnant was actually a good thing? Kalilah was our strength.. we grew up fast. It was hard.. but it’s definitely worth it. She’s inspired me to do better with my life..& I’m so grateful for that.

Kalilah is such a smart little girl. She still looks like she’s 3 though lol. nothing grew on her but her hair.. I can still remember when she was crawling around the house all toothless and everything. I really miss when she was a baby.. but I also love this age. She just loves dancing and singing everywhere.

We really didn’t do anything big for her birthday but birthday/go-away lunch with some of our friends here in Kentucky. Tee, my friend, brought a cake for her.. which by the way… was delicious. We hung out with one her best friends her Jaden & Avery and had some left of cake with them. After that, we just went home and chilled out.. I plan on just celebrating her birthday with my family at home.. nothing better than spending important days with family and not blowing money. That’s all that really count.

Happy Birthday My Love. I can’t believe you are 5 already. Mommy, Daddy & sissy love you so much!Image



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