Mother Dear..

Tonight is my mom’s last day visiting us here in Kentucky. Bittersweet feeling. She came to visit for the holiday.. was here for a total of 16 day.

Growing up, my mom and I always bumped heads. I couldn’t stand her at all.. but then again.. who really got along with their parents in high school. But once I moved out the house, got married, and had children I slowly understood why she was so determined for me to do things a certain way and was so strict. I definitely appreciate everything everything she has done for me and taught me all the life lessons that would help me survive the real world.

I’m glad my mom came down to visit the girls. The two weeks of her being here has gotten both the girls really close with her. My mom is determined to make sure that my youngest daughter will know who she before we move to Korea. Which I think she did a great job at getting to know her.

The whole time my mom was here I hardly washed dishes or even cleaned the house. My mom is that typical Asian mom that cleans all day everyday. So I’m sure you can imagine my house was SPOTLESS! THANK GOD! lol Not only that, but mom’s cooking is always the best cooking. That’s one thing I’ll definitely miss when I’m in Korea. Even though she did get on my nerves here and there.. She’ll always be my mommy and I’ll always love her.

My mom leaving means 10 days more til we’re back home in San Diego baby! I’ll be spending another 2 weeks visiting other family and friends because who knows when we’ll be back in the United States. 3 years in Korea is quite a long time.. and with two kids.. pshhh that’ll be expensive as shit.

Time to spend more time with the mom before she leaves! Don’t forget to tell you mom you love and appreciate her!



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