My Phamily is my world

This last week both my girls have been sick. And of course, as a mother it hurts seeing that they are in pain and there is absolutely nothing that you can do but give them hugs and kisses. Since they’ve been sick, I’ve let them both sleep with me in bed. Which by the way has not been comfortable at all. I got the baby kicking my ribs and my older one kicking my back. Other than the sleepless night, I wouldn’t want to spend these night any other way. Waking up to my babies are definitely the best way to wake up. I love seeing Jelly ( the baby) wanting to play with Kalilah the moment she sees her. She tried so hard to wake her up lol. I’m going to enjoy this now cause who knows when them two will start screaming bloody murder and pulling each others’ hair.

Today we got to Skype with daddy. Internet connection usually sucks butthole and we can’t Skype. Connection only last roughly 30 minutes before it went to poop again. Lila and Jelly were so excited to talk/see with their daddy. I hardly even got to say a word with Lila doing most of the talking. Jelly was non stop smiling and kept saying “da da” I can’t wait to have my phamily together again.Couple more weeks ❤



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