Cheers To New Beginnings

It’s been awhile since I have had a blog. I’m not really sure what to say as of right now not because I’m speechless per say, but because I’ve consumed a whole bottle of Moscato to myself :p I’ve decided to start a blog because of my new adventures that will be coming in the new year. The countdown has began! 14 days until I clear housing and get the heck out of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Never would I have imagined that I’d actually like it here. I’ve made many GREAT friends within the last 2 1/2 year. It’s been an experience that I’ll definitely remember. Kalilah and Evangeline are growing up so fast and it’s just heartbreaking to know that my husband isn’t here as of right now. But it will be alright because on January 31st we’ll be following daddy to Korea! 3 whole years of him being home. That’s 3 birthdays, 3 Christmas’ & 3 anniversaries that we’ll be able to spend with each other. I know that sounds a little pathetic, but being a part of the “military family” that’s something we all wish for. I’m excited to share these experiences with you all & I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Cheers to new beginnings! 


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